Doggie Den
Daycare for your DOG at a Safe and Fun Facility.


Dogs left alone often feel bored and abandoned and can resort to destructive behaviour, get themselves hurt, or annoy the neighbours by howling and barking all day long. They might even be able to escape from the property.

At Doggie Den your dog will be under constant supervision in a safe and escape proof garden. Whether you want us to look after your dog on a regular basis, or  just occasionally, all dogs get the same great experience.


Plenty of "doggie" toys, a ball pit and a sandpit.

Fresh cool drinking water is available throughout the day and dogs are constantly supervised. The area is kept clean and cleared of faeces regularly.

Adequate shelter to snuggle when it's cold or raining outside, and plenty shaded areas and splash pools for the hot summer days.


If your dog is in need of urgent medical attention, you or your emergency contact will be phoned immediately.

Should we not be able to reach either of you and your dog needs to see a vet urgently, we will call upon Honeydew Animal Clinic who will attend to your dog.

Please note that you will be personally responsible for any and all veterinary bills incurred on your dogs’ behalf.


Dogs at play can get dirty and those with longer hair can get matted. Smart Pets Mobile Dog Groomers visit Doggie Den once every month and should your dog require grooming this can be arranged upon request. They can come groom your dog at Doggie Den before you collect him/her at the end of the day.

Please ensure that you request this service at least five days in advance as they do get booked up.

This service is charged for separately from Daycare.


If you are are moving and you don't want your dog to be startled by people passing through during the move to pack up all your belongings, then your dog is welcome to pay us a visit and he/she can be collected after all is settled and unpacked.